Amyas D. Connell (1901-1980) was the 1926 Rome Prize winner in Architecture at the British School at Rome. The BSR archive holds collections of Connell’s drawings and plans made in Rome, a testament to his study of the classical tradition at this time, before he went on to work on modernist projects such as his collaboration with Bernard Ashmole on High and Over (1931). In the archive we can find several photographs of unfinished drawings Connell made and show the various stages of his working process.Other images show how he paid attention to the architecture around him, including an unfinished representation of the Capitol building, now the home of the Capitoline Museums on Capitoline Hill.

The Rome Scholars in Architecture were also expected to design a restoration project for some of Rome’s ancient ruins. Connell chose to centre his project on the Villa of Tiberius on the island of Capri.

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